Old School Thrash Metal


Between the woods and the cold mountains of the Patagonia in the south of the Argentine Republic, native of San Carlos de Bariloche city; was born undoubtedly one of the bands that would be ready to leave a mark in the history of the Argentine Thrash Metal.

In 2007 the band starts with the original members: Nicolás Krzyslowski (lead guitar), Darío Antón (drums), Gustavo Ojeda (bass) and Lucas Aravena (guitar/voice). One year later came the first line-up changes; changing Lucas as a lead singer/guitarist and the new member Ernesto Guajardo on drums and backing vocals. The result was a powerful duet which anyone can witness.

The following years the group remained with only two members. The lack of a bass player didn't seem to be an obstacle.

Without quitting, in 2009 the band started their first tour around the country visiting many towns, cities and provinces presenting their first demo which they call “Invierno Tóxico” (Toxic Winter).

Just one year later their first international tour started in 2010. Visiting Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, but this time presenting a new studio material (4 song EP), called “La Guerra Comenzó” (The War Began). A couple of years later the band found a new bass player, Alejandro López, who stayed with the group until August 2014. Well, if the performing as a duet was something potential, no doubt that the trio was an atom bomb.

Speaking of the published material, we found 2 nations compiling “Legion Thrasher” cassette edition, “Thrash Slash Vol.2” and North American edition with bands all over the world called “Thrashmagedon”. And we added the demo “Invierno Tóxico” (Toxic Winter), and EP “La Guerra Comenzó” (“The War Began”) and finally, the first album “Exterminio Emergente” (Emergent Extermination).

In 2013, the band begins with releasing their first album across a long and extended tour that was divided in three phases. The first included 5 countries, starting with Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and ending in Peru. The second phase included Colombia and Ecuador, performing again in Bolivia and Peru.

The final part was concluding the tour around Brazil, all the way from north to south for 3 months with the new bass player AJ Takashi of the band Perpetual Faith. The tour ended after 10 months of travelling, making more than 70 concerts and playing in 8 different South American countries. They also recorded their first video “Total Thrashing”.


Supresion (Exterminio Emergente)